Connectors and 25x modules

For copper applications, this unit is designed for use at the point of demarcation to safeguard communications equipment from damaging electrical surges that may get onto incoming lines.

24 Series BEHT - Fiber Upgradable Building Entrance Terminals
Our 2400 series 110 in/out are upgradable to fiber optic wall mount units, allowing you to future proof your networks.

Fiber Cable Storage

Fiber Splice Cover Coyote 6.5x17, 6.5x22, 9x19 , 9x28 

F.O. Splice Closure

Copper Splice Closure


F.O. Patch panels

Building Entrance Terminal (BET)
Terminal, Building Entrance, NID, 12 Pair, Keptel, 4 Screw, 2 Wire RJ-11 Interface, No Electronics, 125 Protector, Hex Head Closing Screw

Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves

Rack & Wall Mount Cabinets

FTTP Products
Fiber Optic Splitters, Cabinets, custom optical taps, upstream/downstream services test equipment and fusion splicers.

Fiber Optic & Copper Components