Cables Tags

Warning tapes
Sizes: 2”X1000’, 3X1000, 4X1000, 6X1000 3X6000 | Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, or Yellow | Message: “Syringa Telephone”, “Caution Caution Caution”, “Caution Fiber Optic Cable Buried Below”, “Caution Electric Line Buried Below”, “Geothermal”, “Caution Water Line Buried Below”

ID Signs, Barricades

Locate Balls, markers and Flags

Duct Rudders

Cable Locators
Bring you Locators from the top Brands: 3M, Jameson, Tempo, and TraceMaster.

Blowing Tools
Cable Blowers, Pushers and Accessories

Cable Lashers

Hand Tools
Tone & Probe Kit, Bolt Cutter, Can Wrench, Banana Cutter, Butterfly tool, Crimp Tool, Flashlight, Hole Punch, Hooks, Locks, Pliers, Scissors, Screwdrivers, Splicer Knife, Stripper, Shears, Wrenches, Coring Tools.

Installation Equipment