Our goals are:

  • To performed the sales and marketing of our principals in our territory and solicit orders in the name of our principals.
  • To assist our principals in the introduction of their products in our territory. This will be accomplished by doing presentations, field installations and finally obtaining the products approval.
  • By been the primary contact between our principals and our customers and to help in solving any problem that might arise.

Luis T. Gandía, P.E., Advisor
Mr. Gandía established the corporation back in 1958 when he was a young electrical engineer. In the past years and until his recent retirement, he brought the company to sales of over $10,000,000.00 per year.
At the present he is helping his son, Carlos, as his advisor on the business.

Our Staff:

  • To help our principals in assuring the on-time delivery of goods to our customers.
  • To assist our principals in getting payment of the delivered products.
  • To maintain our principals informed of the activity in our region and inform them about our competition.

Marٕía del Mar Martinez , Director of Administration
Maria has been working with Gandía and Associates for over 25 years. Besides running the office, she is in constant connection with our suppliers and customers and handles our financial department.

Carlos Gandía, President
For over 25 years, Carlos has been involved with telecommunications outside plant products. During this period he have make very good connections with executives, staff and employees of telephone companies, cable companies and power utilities.