Once the timber is brought to the mill, it is inspected before it is accepted. It is looked over for damage, mold and rot, and sweep. The ones that are accepted are then de-barked and peeled. While the pole is being peeled, we apply ARCH chemicals ANTIBLUE XP. This product is formulated to control sapstain, mold and decay fungi. Once they are peeled, the poles are referred to as “Whitewood.” The whitewood is then sorted by class and length

The next step is to condition the wood in one of our Dry Kilns. We lower the moisture content of the whitewood to between 20-24%. Once the whitewood is removed from the dry-kilns, it is inspected, framed, and branded.

The framed Whitewood is loaded onto railcars and pushed into our treatment cylinders. Because the wood is conditioned, it is very receptive to our preserving chemicals. We use quality wood preservatives from ARCH to make our CCA and CCA-ET poles. We can treat our poles in wide range of retention levels that suite your needs and meet your specifications.

35 Class 5

30 Class 5

Wood Poles